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Our work is grounded in the Christian theological principle that all human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, hence, are deserving of the dignity and respect accorded them by their birthright. Africa Christian Youths Development Foundation believes that all people have a right to adequate shelter, basic health care and educational opportunities. We honor and serve the commitment of Jesus Christ to serve all beings.

We strive to bring his ideas and teachings into practice, always seeking his guidance. We help in any way we can, knowing that generosity and service come full circle. We strive to integrate personal transformation and social change. We seek to imbue every activity with opportunities for connection, learning and reflection.

The African Christian Youths Development Foundation is pursuing the dream of reaching and, by the power of the Spirit of God, taking over families, neighborhoods and cities in Africa and the world in general, and transforming them into places that fulfill the creative intention of God in Christ.

It is our plan to enlist the full armor of God through prayer, fasting, evangelism, Christian leadership development and the powerful spirit filled gatherings in which believers are anointed by God to take over their communities for Christ.

It is our joy, duty, honor and privilege to worship and serve our Lord Jesus, and to surrender ourselves in humility and obedience to the authority of His Word. We exist for the purpose of crowning Christ as King through evangelism, preaching and teaching God's word, worship and prayer.